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"What pumpkin? I can assure you there is no pumpkin on this blog. Don't be silly."
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this one took pretty long but I am kind of happy with it!I wanted to draw her in a shorter swimsuit.
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am i the only one who thinks Meenah looks beautiful even WITHOUT her glasses?
(btw checking out a new eye style whaddya think?)
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Anonymous asked:

May i ask for a happy eridan? VuV

//sneaks erisol in there
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and it turns out that all we ever needed was each other
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hot a what

Prays to the Homestuck Gods that this gets 8888 notes. ::::)

you prayed too hard

Then let’s try for 88888

Omg no
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i really need
this hoodie
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Gamzee makara was a 13 year old murderous mastermind that played talent show with his dead friends’ heads in a bow tie is that fucked up or what

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oh my god
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tmi: whats your favorite way to have sex?

Any and every way possible

I kid sorta

I really depends on my mood. Like right now I want to be on top and be in control and just ride like there’s no tomorrow (“I’mma fuck your brains out”), but I usually absolutely love being completely submissive and bottoming and being bit and pounded until I can’t think straight (“Please fuck my brains out”). And other times I like being slow and intimate and loving. Usually, that gives me a chance to top but still be pretty submissive, as it’s pretty much a group effort thing (to be honest, I’m not super sure what happens when you’re really passionate and it just takes over. Your body’s just like, “You. Yes. I love you so much with everything that I am be inside me now and cuddle me and kiss me and tell me I’m pretty.”)

It really depends. If you’re asking my favorite positions though, those are definite things no matter what. Let me know if that’s what you meant.